Video. A poor cat clinging onto a boot in the street was neglected by people, luckily only a man could save him and give a second chance to live


The poor and unsheltered cat was neglected as nobody noticed him. Due  to a man it was saved and the action of this man gives us hope that humanity still exists. Unfotunately the little kitten was distressed and neglected by people. The gift for this to the man  was the love and appreciation rotated from tiny cat.

The little kitten just seen clinging the boot with his paws . The scene was so touching and heartbreaking. It is very painful that people just walked by the kitten and did not notice this tiny creature.

Unfotunately when the man saw the cat he was weak and poor. He was neglected and  it was as if he really felt that. The man quickly took the cat home looked after it gave him food, bathed him, gave him a place to warm up and sleep. After that he took the cat to the vet.

The vet examined the cat. He noticed that the cat was dihydrated. After some months of being cured, now the cat is totally treated very well. Now he is safe and sound. He is also very playful and full of energy.

Here is the video of this amazing and cute cat:

Due to this kind-hearted man the poor cat was rescued and given a second chance to live his life. Thanks to the man we know that humanity still exists. Share this heartwarming story and spread  and inform  people  about the fact that those roaming dogs and cats always need our help. Even our little attention can make their day. Let’s just be kind and never leave the animals in need of help behind.

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