Badly treated and weak dog brings comfort to the dog named Sammie who was recently brought to the animal shelter


Every dog may feel stressed and incomplete in animal shelter at first. The animals can not realize why they ar in the shelter and it seems for them that all around them eveything is in mass and noisy.

The worst thing is that abused and ill-treated dogs feel very inconvinent and they overcome difficulties to cope with the enviroment of the shelter. They find it difficult to rely on both people and animals.

They overcome different things in their rough life. In this story the dog named Sammie meets a friend whose name is Simon. Luckily Simon calms down the dog Sammie.

The photo of these dogs became popular  very quickly. After a short period of time the two puppies were adopted by different animal shelters.

The poor and weak dog has an awful accident. The dog was very badly ill-treated and people were very cruel to him. The dog was hit by a car, was shot and covered up with sprinkle. The bones of the dog smashed. That is why the operation was needed.

The time Sammie came to the animal shelter Simon helped him very much and they became friends very rapidely. They spread love and care to one another. In the animal shelter the two dogs will be looked after in a proper way.

The animal shelter does everything for the unsheltered dogs.  The dogs’ lives are very important, too.

As to co-founder of the shelter is when two puppies help each other giving hope and also helping each other. They still overcome difficulties together.

Animals shluld be treated well. They should not be ill-treated or abused. They are just worth to be treated with love and care as well as respect.

Fortunately, the two dogs now are adopted by  wonderful and caring families thankful to the efforts of  kind and generous people.

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