A devoted dog whose name is Kei did a heroic act saving and defending his owner’s family from robbers


Dogs are very friendly and protective to people. They are close friends for humans. They help us the time we are depressed or we are in a horrible situation, the dogs defend and adore human beings.

They are true and devoted heroes who make every effort to help us. They are always giving hand and protecting people from dangers. They do everything that they can. They are cute and helpful.

In this story a crossbreed dog who is two years old was adopted by Warren and Sarah. The time they adopted the sweet dog they did not even imagine that the dog would rescue their lives.

Two people robbed the house of the dog owner’s the previous month. One man was in the owner’s room where the man was shot, another man was in the owner’s daughter’s room.

Luckily the dog was next to the owner’s daughter. Seeing the robber the dog acted quickly jumping on the robber. The invador began to shoot.

The  dog started to go after the invader. The robber tried to run away a few times. The dog was badly hurt and was not able to call for help. He made a decision to go to the river that was near the house.

The time the dog was nearby the river all the family members were searching him. At last it was seen all rudely injured. A few operations were done to cure the dog.

The dog is just a devoted friend and hero. Share this story of the heroic act of the dog with your family and friends.

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