PHOTOS. An unsheltered cute dog is a regular visitor in the sandwich shop as the staff gives free food to this stray dog daily


An unsheltered puppy has become a regular guest in the shop, as she already knows that somebody would like to share his food with her. The cute dog is called Subway Sally as she is very lovely and is never absent for the meal.

One video posted by Tiktok user Kxnuko, the dog Sally was standing at the front door and took immediately her sandwich filled with chicken. The members of the shop also gave the cute dog fresh water and sweet compliments. The puppy Sally, though she is unsheltered but she behaves very well.

The stray puppy only eats and after that goes. She does not want somewhere to sleep in. She is so smart she does not bother even the staff members and visitors. The dog is clean and does not have an appearance of stray dog.

She has become a dog for a whole community. All the community looks after her. Even the worker at the flower shop a woman washes and looks after her shining hair. Even though the dog lives in the streets and outdoors it behaves very smart and cute way.

Sally was adopted in the past, but she does not stay there and always skips and runs away. The dog always finds a place to take a nap and spend her nights.

The memebers of the staff claimed that they will give food and water to this stary cute dog as mich time as she needs.

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