True friendship. A faithful racoon continues to come to his owner who rescued him even after being set free in the wildlife


The time when a racoon was seen all alone in the highway, the future of the racoon did not seem very light and shining. He had to live a difficult life when he was only some weeks and unfortunately without parents.


Although after being saved, there was a problem to find a spot where he would live. Luckily one of the rescuers Nikki Robinson gave a hand to the racoon.

The kind woman could not notice the racoon and leave him alone. That made him feel sorry for the racoon and that touched her heart and decided to support the racoon. The racoon was so lonely and hopeless and the woman could hardly keep herself.


The kind-hearted and generous woman, Nikki Robinson made a desicion to do everything possible to rescue the tiny creature. As the woman worked hardly all day long, she decided to take the racoon home so that her mother took care of the racoon as her mom needed a friend.

Her mother was not working and the racoon became a good partner for her. They gave a name to the little creature “Little Hands”. From that time the racoon and the retaired woman became forever and true friends.

The retired woman looked after the racoon carefully and fed him with a bottle. The woman looked after the racoon in a kind and cute way. They became inseperable and their bond became so tight.

Due to Nikki and her mom, the racoon was cured unbelievablely and after some months he was so powerful. After bringing the racoon up after 3 or 4 months used to leave food in the yard. Racoon walked even far from the house.


Although when the racoon goes on coming to the retired woman that rescued her life, after 3 years since they had seen each other.

The raccon visited the woman and gave cuddles and the woman always gave something for the racoon to eat . The racoon makes this lonely woman’s life so bright and cheerful.

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