Video. Cute photos. A married couple keeps a bear for already 25 years and they enjoy life together very happily and to the fullest degree


Many people believe that birds, dogs and cats are only considered to be animals which can be domestic animals. But this story is about a married couple who keep a bear as a domestic animal.

The domestic animal is a bear which has a weigh of 300lb. The bear is named Stepan.
The owners of the bear named Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko can not imagine their life without this cute bear.

This married couple noticed the bear when he was very little and unluckily hunters killed his mother. After 25 years, the bear is 2.1 metres hight.

The bear is loved and taken care of as his owners do everything for him. He is a great friend for this married couple. He even watches television with the married couple.  The bear is also fond of giving hugs. As many people know bears very rude and harming people in this case Stephan is very calm.

But the married couple spends a lot of money on the food that the bear eats. The bear even waters plants in their garden. The bear is very big and in a good health condition.

Panteleenkos learnt special course of training the animal so that he will be permitted to keep the cute creature. This married couple were very good parents for this bear.

The bear was taken when he was 3 months old and now the bear is 25 years old and 2.1 metres heigh. Due to these people he still enjoys his life to the fullest.

Watch the video of the bear below:


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