A funny video. A hero duck. A cute duckling does his best to fetch the fallen slipper of the boy


A woman named Myla Agulia was strolling nearby his house, doing her everyday activities when she saw a strange thing that stopped her. A little boy’s house shoe fell from the high place and an enormous duck did everything possible to give the slippers back to the boy.

Fortunately, Myla Aguila carried her mobile with her and took a video of the whole scene on a lovely and laughable video.

Watching the video one can understand that the boy was able to catch and bring back the slipper himself. Although the duck did hia best to give the slipper back to the boy.

The boy was just looking at the surprising and kind action of the duck. The duck insisted and struggled as it was very difficult for him to move. He overcame hazards.

This is a kind act of the duckling. Researchers even say that ducklinga are considered as smart animals. They differentiate many different and same things. The woman captured the scene as well as took picture with this cute creature.

Here is the video:

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