A horse was stuck in the mud up to the neck all her body in mud. Fortunately, he was rescued and pulled out of the bog very quickly


This is  a story about a horse which unluckily got stuck in the mud. It was covered all in mud. He was in a horrible state. He was in need of help. He had such sad eyes.

The horse was stuck in the mud up to his neck. He was not able to get out or move. He even lost his hope to be rescued.

The horse was stuck in the bog when he was just walking in the deep field. The dog was named Farrah.

Fortunately, RSPCA came immediately to help the horse in despair. The horse was pulled out the mud very quickly and he was taken to a vet.

After cleaning the horse properly and careful examining the horse  was returned to his anxious owner.

Gratefully he is rescued and luckily he had rugs on him in order to keep him warm in the cold mud, otherwise he would have a horrible ending. Now he is given a second chance to live.

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