A heroic act. A kind and devoted boy never stops to lead the visionless deer to look for food on the way to school


A boy who is very kind supports the visionless dog to look for something to eat when the boy goes to school.


This story is about a kangaroo who is blind and needs help. The boy is so devoted and kind hearted that he gives his time to this creature every day.

The picture of the boy and the kangaroo spread all over the internet. It is very unusual to notice a wild deer walking next to a boy.

Unluckily, the weak deer would not be able to live if this boy did not give him a hand. This boy has given an opportunity to the deer to live and this is so heart touching.

Even neighbours praise the boy and say that his act deserves to be praised.

Fortunately, the rescue team came to take the animal and help him. He will also be brought to a vet.

After some mediacal process the deer will be talken to the zoo or a farm as the deer is so obedient and very calm.

This is the best enviroment for the deer as it will be very difficult for him to love in the wild.

Due to this boy the cute creature is still alive and is given a second opportunity to live his life cheerfully.

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