Estonian workers save a wild wolf from freezing water knowing that he was just a dog


Estonian workers were doing their every day job in Parnu river when they noticed a dog in the ice water. They saved a dog who was stuck in cold water.

After some time it turned out that the rescued creature is not a dog. He is a wild wolf whom they carried in their car.

They cleared the road on the icy water and got out the hopeless creature. They took the creature to the animal hospital. The vets said that the canine creature is not a dog he is a wild wolf.

The rescue organization said that the wolf behaved gentle as he had low blood pressure as the water was very freezing.

Even they doubted a famous hunter proved that the doggy like creature is a wolf. The wolf was just one year old. He was a male.

As the vets knew that he was a wolf. They decided to keep him in the cage in case he became furious after treatment.

After total recovery the wolf was taken to the wild. Thanks to this workers and vets the cute wolf is rescued. Eatonia has many wolves and these wolves just avoid human beings.

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