Nicole Graham stayed with his horse stuck in the mud for already three hours until rescuers arrived


A horse and his owner were stuck in the mud. The body of the horse up to his neck was in the mud.

His owner was named Nicole Graham was just getting pleasure riding the horse, when the terrible incident took place.

This happened because the tide rose at that time.The woman stayed with the horse until rescuers came. They both struggled for their lives.

The woman waited for three hours with the horse for the rescuers to come and save the horse. The horse was named Astro.

The horse was set free through a tractor. The bad incident happened in Australia. The rescuers got him out by the help of harness.

The owner tried to calm the horse down. When the front legs of the horse were freed from mud the horse himself made an effort to get out of the thick mud.

Such a heart warming scene. Everybody did their best to free both the woman and the horse. Thanks to quick actions and thinking both the woman and the horse are saved.

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