The police horse rejects to work till he drinks a big cup ot tea with one or two spoons of sugar in the morning


Many people  do not want to get up from bed until they drink a cup of tea or coffee. These two boost us to go to work every day. They just wake us up or give energy.

How strange it may sound but the horse which serves in police refuses to do his duty until he drinks a big cup of tea.

The horse is 20 years old. The horse prefers to start his day in this way. The name of the horse is Jake.

The horse has been serving  in the police system for already fifteen years.

The horse becomes happy to be given a cup of tea every day in the morning.

The horse becomes happier when two cups of sugar is in the tea. The horse even works harder after having a cup of tea.

Unfortunately, he retired last year and he does not work in the police.

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