A man rescued a fox which was badly hurt and nowadays they are close friends


The red coloured fox was noticed by the man on the one side of the highway in a terrible state and very ill.

The fox project could not give the fox to the wild life. They made a desicion to find a home for the fox. This was very difficult as the fox was a wild animal and people would be afraid to take the fox.

A man named Mike wanted to adopt the fox and take care of him. The man is a retired engineer. Mike knew how to look after fox as he had such experience.

He adopted the fox and named Cropper. He decided to nurse the fox then to give him to the wild life.

He loved the fox and took care of him. The man and the fox had a strong and tight relations. They became inseperable.

Unluckily the fox passed away after six very joyful years the fox died. The man adopted another fox named Jack.

The fox and the man play together. The fox has a bath in the sink. Mike says that it is very difficult to keep a fox as a pet.

It is safe to keep the fox when the fox is injured or has a health problems and can not be returned to the wild. This man is really amazing.

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