A police officer rescues a scared donkey from the busy main road and drives the donkey safely in his patrol car


A police officer rescued a donkey from the busy main road taking the dog and by a patrol car.

A woman was driving her car when she noticed a frigtened donkey on the highway.

She tried to help the donkey and get him out of the main road before calling the police.

After short time an officer Kyle Canaan came to the scene. The officer did not know what to do in this strange situation. The donkey was named Squishy. The woman wanted to take the donkey and look after him. There was a difficulty to find a vehicle to take the cute donkey. The officer made a desicion to give the donkey drive-along.

The donkey was in the backseat of the police car. The policeman took the donkey to Robin’s place. The officer even added that if there was nobody to adopt the donkey he would adopt him.

Here is the video:

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