A baby koala kisses and hugs her mother koala during life-rescueing surgery


A mother and her children have a strong bond. Their love is uncomparable. They give each other warmth and unconditional love.

This true love and devotion is for not only human beings but also for animals. This koala mom and her baby are proof of mom and child strong bond.

The mother of the koala was injured badly, but luckily her child was not hurt. Fortunately, the mother koala was rescued by volounteers.

The mother was named Lizzie. Her baby was named Phantom. They were taken to Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital.

The mother had serious injures that is why the mom koala had to undergo surgery.

The scene of the 6 months old koala hugging her mother and kissing all the time of surgery was heart-melting.

The mother koala and the baby were not seperated by the vet as the baby would get anxious without her mom after some time.

The tight bond between mom koala and her baby is unbelievable. Koalas are pretty sociable and cute animals.

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