Heroic train staff rescue and free the scared and frozen bobcat stuck to the tracks in a severe cold weather


A bobcat was freezing in severe cold. The bobcat was on the train track. His hind paws were frozen serious. This case happened in British Columbia.

The bobcat was in despair. The animal was luckily saved by the train staff.

The train was about to move. Before this the train inspector checked the railroad.

He had to look if there was not any obstacle. The inspector named Coby Reid noticed a bobcat stuck on the trucks.

The crew understood that the bobcat was waiting for something to eat. When they got closer they saw that the bobcat could not move as his paws were frozen and stuck on the track.

The crew of the train had to act quickly to recue the hopeless animal.

The crew members decided to put the jacket on the head of thr bobcat, after that to free the animal.

It was rather difficcult to save the bobcat . When they approached the poor animal he was frigthened and did not let anybody touch him.

After some time the situation calmed down and the bobcat was rescued.

They did it. They rescued the frozen and scared animal. Thanks to the concious people the bobcat is free and is in safe hands.

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