A stolen horse cries on seeing his close friend dog after being seperated for already 7 months


Two friends finally meet each other after being seperated for already 7 months. Their meeting was so emotional. It was like an overload of emotions.

Those animals had such a tight bond. The dog and the horse loved each other unconditionally. The dog was named Balu. The horse was named Rita.

The horse Rita came out of the ranch and a farmer took the horse and refused to give him back.

After 7 months of legal battle the owner of the horse could bring his horse back to the ranch.

When the horse was missing from the ranch the dog was very upset.Both the dog and the horse were so happy to see each other again.

The owners of the animals were also very shocked to see their reaction of seeing each other after being seperated for 7 months.The moment of their reunion was so heart touching .

Here is the video of their emotional reunion:

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