A true and unlikely friendship between a dog and an orphaned giraffe


This is a story about an abandoned giraffe and a dog. This kind of friendship between two different species of animals though seems uncommon but they have a tight bond.

The giraffe was found when he was only nine days old. The giraffe was named Jazz. He did not have a mother. He was abandoned in the wild.

The farmer decided to make friends with the giraffe and brought her to the Rhino orphange. This orphange is in South Africa.

The dog named Hunter was of a Belgian Malinois breed. The dog and the abandoned giraffe made friends very easily. This is an unlikely friendship.

As the size of the giraffe will be bigger in a month. He will be moved to the wild. When the health state of the giraffe gets better he has to leave his four legged friend.

It will be difficult to be seperated for both of them as the giraffe will be 10 tone in a month.

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