An incredible love story. A faithful stork flies 5,000 miles to reunite with his injured forever partner


A stork flies many miles to see his injured soulmate every year. This story shows love and devotion of birds towards each. This story is a true example for people to follow.

The devoted bird flies 5,000 miles every year in spring to reunite with his forever partner.

The bird is named Klepetan. Klepetan proves that love really exists and it is one of the most powerful feelings in the world.

This story began in 1993.Klepetan’s partner named Malena was hurt because of the hunter. But luckily she was rescued by a kind man named  Stepjan Vokin.

They love each for already 20 years. Klepetan visits the stork every spring and spends his winters in South Africa.

His soulmate lives in the caretaker’s house in winter. The man even built a nest for the stork in the roof. Their love will last forever as they also bring up chicks every year.

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