Courageous people rescued the life of baby giraffe from drowning in the river


Courageous people rescued baby giraffe without even thinking about their own lives. The baby giraffe was stuck in the river called Uaso Nyiro in Kenya.

There are many crocodiles here. So the life of the giraffe was in danger. The river had strong currents and the baby giraffe was in a hopeless state.

The locals heard the noises that the hopeless giraffe made. They ran quickly risking their own life and could hardly save the baby giraffe.

The scene was captured. Thanks to these brave people the giraffe lives his life happily.

This type of giraffe is on the edge of instinction in Kenya. They are called Massai giraffes and there are nearly 35,000 which remain in the wildlife.

Here is the video:

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