A little cute foal keeps cuddling with the young woman in a lovely footage


A little foal can not resist and keeps cuddling with the woman. As dogs foals also like to cuddle and play with human beings showing their true affection to people.

The foal was only seven days old. She was full of energy and seeing the rider woman just fell in love with her.

The young woman came near the animal and the foal began to nuzzle her and the foal proves why everybody in the farm thinks that she is like a puppy.

The cute foal pushed the woman to the ground and started to play and cuddle with her. The scene was so heartwarming.

The woman was so happy and was laughing. The foal just spread love and care. This video melted many people’s heart.  The woman states that this is the most joyful moment in her life.

Here is the video:

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