A boy saved up money to buy his favourite pony and started to cry when he saw that his family brought the pony to him


A boy was fond of animals, especially horses and ponies. The boy was seven years old. He became famous for his sensation.

The boy saved up money to get his favourite animal. He wanted to have a pony. He was so happy to see that his wish came true. When he was four years old when he rode a pony for the first time and became fond of this animal.

From this time on the boy gathered money. He started his business by opening a stand where lemonade and other drinks were sold. The stand was called Sebastian and Co.

He also gathered money from his tooth ferries and his birthday and Christmas cash presents.

The family of Kent did everything to fullfill his son’s desire. The family bought the pony. When the boy saw the pony he started to cry as a sign of happiness.

The boy shouted that he just adored the pony and it was wonderful. The pony was named Tumboy. The pony and the boy became true and devoted friends. The boy rides his pony in the field near their house .

Here is the emotional scene:

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