The happiest fox Juniper is so adorable and she just thinks she is an orange dog


This story is about a cute fox who became rather famous. The fox is so cute. The fox was rescued and she thinks she is a dog of an orange colour.

The name of the fox is Juniper. She adores playing. The fox is full of energy. The fox spreads positive vibes as she likes to smile.

The fox likes to jump when she hears a scratching sound. They resemble this sound to the voice of the mice.

The owner of the fox takes her to different places. The fox is used to going by car.

The fox likes to be surrounded with people and go for rides. The fix adores to play tag. The fox likes when someone chases her and she rans away.

The owner of the fox says that it is rather difficult to keep a fox and is not the same as taking care of the dog and the cat.

Foxes can be kept at home for 24 hours a day. They must be left out as they can destroy everything at home.

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