A heartwatming scene. The friendly and beautiful swan hugged his rescuer tightly as a sign of gratitude


It is famous that swans are not sociable and do not need anybody to be in the centre of attention. They are known only for their devotion to their partner.

This story is the contrast as the swan surprised everybody how sociable she is and how she hugged the man tightly as a sign of expressing gratitude.

A TV presenter noticed a hopeless swan stuck in the hedge. The man whose name is Richard Wiese was just walking in the Nature reserve. The TV presenter freed the swan in despair.

The swan just wrapped her neck across the man’s neck as a sign of thankfulness. This was such a sweet scene. It was as if the swan trusted the man very much.

The animal trusted the man and did not want to leave the man’s side. The swan stayed in the arm’s of the rescuer.

The man told that he felt how the heart of the swan beat. It was very pleasant for the man that he knew the swan trusted him and felt safety in his arms. Such a cute and heartwarming scene.

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