A cute and heartwarming video. A very cute and lovely koala visits a swimming pool and gets kisses and cuddles


A family was having a holiday in the south of Australia. The family had such a funny time when the koala from the neighbor’s backyard visited them. This scene was so sweet and heartmelting.

A pleasant thing happened when one of the family members was swimming in the pool. A cute koala came to the swimming pool.

The koala wandered in the backyard. The koala came closer to the pool and tried to understand how the water was and wanted to take a sip.

Though koalas are known not be fond of water, this koala drank water from the woman’s hand. The moment was so sweet.

The animal seemed so curious. The woman treated the koala very well and in such a warm way.

The koala did not run away from the woman. The koala behaved so sweet putting her nose on the nose of the woman. The woman kissed and cuddled the koala and their bond was so sincere.

Here is the unforgettable scene of the sweet encounter between a koala and a woman:

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