A lost baby moose met a soldier in the forest and asked the soldier for help


A soldier whose name is Erich Jyri Prikko was in the forest. The man participated in the military exercises. He is such a kind-hearted man.

He noticed something hiding under the branches of the tree in the forest. He thought it might be a cat or a dog. But as it turned out there was a hopeless moose left all alone.

The moose was rather tiny and he was left without his mother. The animal walked to the soldier to ask for help.

The poor moose looked very desperate. The man sat leaning on the tree. They baby moose made friends with the man and didnot leave the man’s side. It was obvious the calf was looking for his mom. The baby moose just wanted someone to help him. He stayed near the man and found comfort near him.

The soldier did not know how to help the baby moose. He took the moose to the vet and the vet advised to take the moose back to the forest. The man took a bottle of milk with him as he doubted that his mother would come.

The soldier with the other soldiers were in the camp near the moose and they were waiting to see or hear whether the mom of the moose would come.

They heard the noise that the moose was calling.Next day the moose was not in the forest. The soldier was happy that the baby moose reunited with her calf mom.

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