Such a cute scene. Family looks out of the window and what they see makes their heart melt


A cute dog named Bailey is a very sweet dog. The dog spreads love and care everywhere she goes.

This time the dog showed her true value that is worth praising. The dog has been used as a breeding dog. The dog had to give birth to many babies and part with them.

After that the dog was adopted by a kind family in 2007. The dog is 17 years old. She shows that her maternity heart will always shine.

Once the family went to the countryside and took the dog with them. The dog noticed a kitten in the backyard and made a desicion to look after the feral cat. She always came to see whether the cat was in a good state or had something to eat.

When the family looked out of the window they saw such a sweet scene. The dog warmed the kitten up. They were so cute. The family decided to take the kitten. They named the cat Kitten-Kitten.

Thanks to this dog the cat lives inside the house. The kitten does not have to suffer in cold weather. Both of them are content to have each other. This dog rescued the life of the kitten. This dog is a true proof how loving and caring she is.

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