Video. A friendly cat and a horse are true inseperable friends which have a fine morning routine every day


Here is a story about unbelievable friendship between two different species of animals.

The friendship between a horse and a cat is already 7 years. The horse named Champy and the cat named Morris can not imagine their day without seeing each other.

The cat insists that his owner takes him to the horse. The cat was adopted from an animal shelter.

When the cat saw the horse for the first time he jumped on his back and the horse took him for a ride in the field.

From this time on the cat likes to sit on the back of the horse and relax there. The cat waits for the horse at different bus stops that both of them already know.

Both of them are fond of sunsets. They always meet each other at this period of the day.

They are vety friendly and lovely always together. They even spend Halloween together and wear Halloween uniforms.

Here is the video:

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