Video. An unbelievable eagle mom keeps her babies safe and warm even when she is covered all in the snow


A mother instinct is a feeling which can not be compared with anything. This a true devotion to their babies.

This is a story that proves that mothers and in general parents are able to do anything possible for the comfort of their babies. They carry the burden of parenthood with much love and care.

The female eagle took care of the eggs even all covered in the snow. It was severe cold and the mother eagle struggled against the cold but did not leave the nest.

The scene attracted people’s attention. The photos of these scene were spread in the social media. The mother eagle spread her wings trying to protect the eggs.

The newborn chicks wills still remain in the nest until they can fly for hunting. Their parents will continue to care for them. Nothing can make this female eagle from taking care of her babies.

Here is the video:

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