An incredible video. A cute gorilla can not stop hugging and kissing her newborn cub


This is a story about a mother gorilla. Gorillas in general live in Africa. They are rather large and very strong animals.

If people treat gorillas well they will get the answer back. Gorillas are famous for their calmness and being very friendly.

They are fond of spending their time on the trees or just lean on their hands. They are very active as they like to move, run and walk all day long.

The group of gorillas consists of a male, many females and cubs. The male gorilla is the most important member as he decided where his family would go.

Female gorillas give birth every four years. They often give birth one baby. Mother gorillas look after their baby and take them on their back they are able to move by their own.

Mother gorillas take care of their babies until they are five years old.They become independant when they are 10 years old.

Here is a cute video how mother gorilla who is 15 years old becomes very happy giving birth a baby. She covers her baby with hugs and kisses. The mother gorilla is named Kalaya. Her son was named Moki.

This video shows the unconditional love of mother gorilla for her cute cub:

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