A teen adopts a cute and tiny donkey and this changes thier lives abruptly


A teen named Payton Dankworth always dreamt of having her own horse. She took riding lessons but she could not have imagined that she would have a chance to adopt a donkey.

A farmer knew that the girl adored horses and animals in general. She had a donkey which was refused by her mother. The poor creature was in such a weak state.

The farmer decided to suggest the girl to take the cute donkey. The girl accepted the suggestion and the donkey’s better days began.

The girl looked after the donkey with much care and attention. The donkey was named Jack.

She gave the donkey milk with a bottle frequently. She took care of the donkey. The girl also had a dog which became best friends with the donkey.

The girl tried to manage her lessons with looking after the donkey. The girl adores animals and wants to adopt more and more animals.

The donkey has become so lively and playful. Luckily, her life changed abruptly, of course, thanks to this teen.

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