Dogs see a poor kitten in need of help and insist that their owner takes her home


Zach Hearn the owner of two dogs named Cream and Tang could not  have imagined that he will have to complete his family and have a kitten.

He took his two dogs for a walk. Suddenly his dogs her a voice and understood that a kitten needed help. They rushed to help the poor exhausted tiny kitten.

The two dogs sniffed and sensed where the kitten was. The kitten was in the middle of the street. The tiny kitten was very thin and dirty left without his mother.

The owner of the dogs thought that the dog would chase the kitten, but the dogs just wanted to help. The kitten was 3 or 4 months old.

The dogs behaved so that the owner had to take the kitten home. The two dogs the golden retriever and King Charles comforted the kitten. They licked the kitten to clean her. The dogs insisted to take the tiny kitten home.

The scene was so touching that the man took the kitten home. The man could not just leave the poor kitten in such state. The kitten’s state got better day by day as she was well fed and taken care of properly.

The two dogs did not leave the kitten’s side. The three were always together. They were so cute playing and spending all day together. The kitten was named Tou Jiang which means jackpot. Thanks to the two dogs and their owner the kitten will have a bright future.

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