A sweet scene. Video. A very talented parrot enjoys singing any guitar tone when his owner starts to play the guitar


Frank Magilo likes to play the guitar. He has a cute partot that turned out to be good at singing very beautiful. The colurful parrot enjoys the music that his owner plays.

The parrot is a true friend to the man. The man discovered the special talent of the Amazonian parrot when he started to play the guitar in front of his cage.

The cute parrot name Tico listens the melody very attentively and creats his own ones. The parrot even insists his owner to play the guitar as he wants to sing a melody.

All started when the man played rock style melody and the parrot started with soprano style.

The parrot’s singing is very impressive and he can sing any melody. They enjoy each other’s company. The guitar and Tico the pet are his favourite things.

Here is the cute video:

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