The cute duck likes to run to her owner to greet her come home from work every day


A couple had neighbours who had many ducks. The ducks used to wander outdoors and even came to their garden to say hello to them.

When the man saw a duck stuck somewhere he was always there to rescue and return back to their place. The man became an unofficial rescuer.

Things changed when they met Petunia. The mother duck laid eggs near their house. The eggs started to hatch and the man enjoyed watching how the little ducklings ran around his garden.

One day when the man came home he saw that one egg was left. When the egg hatched he tried to find the family of ducks but they were nowhere.

Grant decided to take the tiny and cute duckling and take care of her. She named him Petunia. The duckling changed the atmosphere in the house. The duckling likes to fly in the house.

The owner of the duckling works in a law firm and her owner takes her to the office with her.  The duckling entertains the employees.

The duck is a pet for the family and lives in the house and those who know that the duck lives in the house get surprised. The duck becomes very happy when her owner returns home from work.

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