A very playful parrot has a unique passion for basketball


This is a story about a parrot who is named Shadow. The parrot is named Shadow as he follows his owners wherever they go and whatever they do.

The parrot is rather active. The owner of the parrot whose names is Alexandrea just wanted to have a dog and her husband wanted a cat.

In the end they decided to come to a compromise and have a parrot. The parrot is fond of different things.

He likes to sit on the shoulder of her owner and just snuggle in her hair. The parrot likes kisses and cuddles.

The parrot is also fond of wet towels. The couple was overjoyed to have such a cute parrot and to have him even for 25 years in the future.

The parrot has a unique habbit of playing basketball. If the parrot saw a nest he would take the ball out and then put it in.

Here is the video:

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