A swan who was seperated from her mate finally reunited and they made a heart shape by their long necks as a sign of tight bond and unconditional love


The swans named Bonnie and Clyde are inseperable couple. They live in England. This couple is very famous among the locals.

They both love each other very much. They are always by each other’s side. Lately, one of the visitors saw that one leg of Bonnie was injured. The visitor called RSPCA for help.

It was rather difficult to convince the swan to come with them. The swan did not want to leave her mate.

She was taken to a vet and was cured here. After short time the beautiful swan returned back to her Clayde.

The beautiful couple missed each other very much as they had not seen each other for already a month. Their reunion was so emotional.

The leg of the swan was not completely cured but she was released back to the lake.

When these two swans met they made a shape of heart by coming near to each other with their necks. The scene was captured and this scene is so emotinal and affectionate.

Their bond was too tight and this was obvious. We hope that they will not have to be apart from each other any more. Their excitement seeing each other was obvious.

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