A cute scene. An adorable footage shows the emotional reunion between an orphaned bear and her rescuer after many years


Every reunion between an abandoned animal and the person who did not leave him or her behind is very emotional. It does not matter whether the animal is wild or just a pet.

It is a very touching scene. Here is a cute reunion between a bear and his keeper. The man had looked after the bear when he was just a little cub.

This happened in New York in one of wildlife centres . The 800 lbs bear could not conceal his joy seeing her caretaker again. The wild animal gave big hugs and cuddles to the man.

The adorable bear started to play with the keeper as she used to play with him when she was a little cub. When she was a little cub she was brought in the wildlife centre as her mother died.

The bear was afraid of other animals. Thanks to this man she overcame the obstacles and started to get used to this life. She was named Sonya. The caretaker’s name is Jonathan.

The man could not have imagined that the bear would remember him as they had not seen each other for many years. The bear behaved in the same manner as she used to behave when she was a tiny cub.

Here is the adorable video:

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