A cute video. A sweet and magical moment how the dolphin leaps out of the water to kiss a dog and jumps from happiness


Dolphins are known as smart and very active marine animals. They are one of the smartest animals in the world and there are also dolphins that are good at counting numbers.

Dolphins are also very sociable and they are known as such marine animals that bring their heads for the strangers to pat or just get something as a reward.

In the unbelievable video a few dogs go boating and meet a group of dolphins. One of the dogs had put his paw on the boatside.

When the dogs saw the dolphins they got a little bit interested in these unusual marine animals.

One of the dogs lent a little close to the water to see dolphins and one dolphin came near him and kissed the dog.

The scene was captured. The dog was shocked and did not manage to understand what happened. The sweet dolphin was pleased to give a kiss and swam away and leaped in the air. The dolphin jumped from happiness.

Here is the cute scene:

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