A kind cop notices two little squirrels on the busy road and ends up making best friends with them


This story happened in New York in the city of Ithaca.A cop saw two little hopeless squirrels on the busy road and could not just pass as many people did.

It was clear these cute little squirrels were in need of help.They were standing in the middle of the road very confused. The cop stopped his car and made an effort torescue them.

The kind- hearted man came near the squirrels and tried to take them from the busy road. The squirrels attached to the man’s arm and did not want to leave their rescuer.

The squirrels began to jump on the man’s shoulder. They felt safety and warmth in the man. The cop’s name is Lee. He could not conceal his happiness seeing these squirrels reaction towards him.

Lee understood that they might have fell on the ground from their nest. He made friends with them and put them back in the nest in nearby tree and went away.

This man was praised by his collegues and he won’t forget those two friends whom he rescued.

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