A cute video. The adorable and unique octopus with the cutest puppy eyes


Here is a unique octopus. The cute crearure is unclassified octopus. It has cute dog eyes.

The octopus is also called Adorabilis as it is very adorable. On his head the cute octopus has a smaller wing like fins and puppy like eyes.

The octopus is like a sweet cartoon. Stephani Bush is a stoic scientist. This person is considered to be the first person to describe the cute creature.

Though the evidences of this octopus come from 1990s. It is of pink colour. The octopus can be even of black colour as the red light does not come to them. These octopuses are  in the deep sea.

The body of the cute creature is 7 inches and they are like gelatine. Althought they sit deep in the sea all the time, but they sometimes swim moving their arms.

Here is the video:

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