A sweet squirrel rescued from Hurricane Isaac steals people’s heart with her tiny teddy bear


A tiny squirrel fell from the nest as there was a Hurricane Isaac in 2012.The squirrel was rescued by the family who noticed her and took him to look after temporarirly.

The cute creature has become popular in the social media since 2015. The tiny squirrel has a cute toy with whom she likes to sleep and takes with her everywhere.

The cute squirrel was named Jill. The squirrel adores getting attention. The squirrel is 7 years old.

Her favourite minature toy a teddy bear is her best friend. The woman who took the squirrel she can not imagine her life without this sweet creature.

It makes her day and brightens it. The squirrel has an instagram page named “The girl is a squirrel”. The squirrel has 630k followers.

The squirrel is is scared of vacuum. She is a vegeterian. The squirrel lives in the house and likes to jump and to run indoors.

The squirrel adores slepping 15 hours. The squirrel is charistamic and melts people’s heart.

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