Mother lioness risks her life to rescue her cub’s life trapped on a cliff


Life is very difficult for the cub in the wild nature, they need time to get used to this life.

The lioness rescued her cub from falling from the high cliff. The mother did not notice how he ran away.

The mother heard the crying noises of her cub and arrived the place where the lion cub was. The mother lioness was with three lionesses and a male.

But she acted quickly knowing that her cub is in danger. The mother ran very rapidely to rescue her cub.

The mother instinct of the mother lioness made her risk her life to save her cub. The cub was in despair and in a helpless state.

The mother lioness rescued her cub very slowly and carefully. Ths scene was captured by a photographer.

The mother lioness knew that every step can result in a bad end. Luckily, the cub and mother lioness are safe and undamaged now.

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