A cute video. A man plays banjo and an attentive fox comes to enjoy the music every day


Here is a story about a cute fox who just adores to listen to banji. The man whose name is Andy Thorn is fond of playing musical instruments. The man lives in Colorado with his family.

The man started to play the instrument and noticed that his music attracted the fox.

The man began to perform a concert in the nature. The fox came near the man and was not afraid that the man would hurt him.

As the man saw that the fox liked his music. He played different musical instruments from the guitar, fiddle and banjo. The singer’ s top fan became the fox named Foxy.

It was as if the fox wanted to show that he had a good taste. The man continued to come here and play the banji and he even brought his family members and friends.

The man enjoys to play the music and the view with his beautiful fox. The man even brought his newborn child to see the fox. They became true friends.

Here is the video:

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