A sweet video. The pink necked pigeons with green colour are one of the most beautiful birds in the world


Here is a story about beautiful pigeons with multicoloured body and green coloured neck. These special pigeons have a exceptional charm.

The pigeons have a very hot appearance that attract people’s attention. There are endless colours begining from  pink, lilac, yellow, blue up to  green.

These kind of pigeons can’t be seen in the city. These birds are met in the forests of Southeast Asia. These multicoloured pigeons like to eat fruit especially figs.

The pigeons are very important for the ecosystem. They lay two eggs in general.
These cute creatures make this type of birds dominant and show their real beauty.

These birds have a vital role and they are the disperser of fruit seeds. The bright coloures of feather make them noteable than the pigeons which have dull colors.

Here is the video:

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