A cute video. Mythical-looking bird with long lashes and beautiful feathers is very unique


The Secretary bird nearly weighs 7 pounds 4.5 feet in height. Their legs are strong and long. The cute looking bird is like a model.

The bird has very prominent and long eyelashes which make her look so cute. The bird is an African bird.

The secretary has a connection with hawks and eagles. The bird is really unique. The secretary likes to hunt snakes especially cobras.

The birds even consume birds eggs, lizards, rodents and amphibians. These birds look so beautiful that a person can not even think that they are savage birds of prey.

These birds prefer to be in the grasslands or in the savanas. They built their nests very huge.

The bird is famous as it is depicted on the coat of arms of South Africa and on the emblem of Sudan. These exotic birds are very stunning.

Here is the video:

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