A woman rescued an injured fawn and her dog began to look after him very attentively


A German shepherd is a very smart and caring dog. The owner of the dog has a farm where there are many animals.

German shepherds are very devoted to their owners and can sacrifice their life for the seek of their owner.

The owner of the dog is a very kind woman and rescues many injured animals. The dog got used to this and that is why he became gentle and loving towards the animals in need of help.

This German shepherd is named Sarge. He is a purebred dog and was brought to the farm 9 years ago.

The dog is very caring and attentive to the fawn which was saved by her owner. The fawn was injured.

The dog changed his attitude towards the fawn which was injured. The fawn was brought here six years ago. The dog became a babysitter for the fawn.  They spend much time together.

The dog is a  guard and an angel for the fawn. He does not leave the fawn’s side for a moment. They look so cute and sweet together. The dog brightens the fawn’s days.

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