Heartwarming story. A kind great grandmother knits colourful and woolen jumpers to protect the penguins and to keep them warm


A woman who is already 98 years old does is a very good deed. This kind woman whose name is Nanna Merle majes the days of penguins warm and safe.

This great grandmother knits jumpers for the tiny penguins.She has been doing this job for already 18 years.

She has been knitting since 1998. She did this when there was oil spill threat. The woman knits comfortable and colourful jumpers for the little penguins.

She gives this jumpers to the penguins near the Phillip Island. This bright and woolen jumpers protect the little penguins from ingesting oil.

The oil can damage them that is why they need to wear this jumpers not to be affected by oil.

Here is the video:

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