A design student turns old billboards into collapsible shelters for stray dogs


Thailand is famous for its beaches, taste cuisine, very rich culture and impresive temples.

Unluckily, there are many stray dogs roaming in the streets. There are millions of dogs in the streets and there are not enough homes for these countless dogs.

In order to help stray dogs the designer created shelters for the stray dogs. The designer put the old billiboards in such a way so that the dogs will be protected from bad weather and have a home.

He turned the old billboards into collapsible shelters.He created such shelters in different part of Thailand.

He built more than 20 shelters for the stray dogs. The name of the designer is Ajarn Yossaphon Chanthongjeen.

His idea was a great success. This was his doctorate program. Thanks to him many unsheltered dogs would have a roof under their head and be protected and feel useful.

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