The cute footage shows racehorses trotting in the ocean to meet dolphins


Dolphins are famous as very friendly and sociable animals. Dolphins can be good even with the racehorses.

A woman always takes her racehorses to the sea. A group of dolphins come near the horses and begin to swim next to them.

The scene was so heartwarming and cute. The woman whose name is Charlotte Littelfield took the horses to the sea after hard working day. The two horses were named Ivy and Costa.

She took the horses to the sea as it is very relaxing activity. This time the scene how the racehorses got into the sea and the dolphins approached them and started to swim was touching.

The bond between dolphins and racehorses is very tight and unique. There is a legend that says that if the dolphin visits the racehorse the racehorse will win. The scene captured by this woman is very heartwarming and emotional.

Here is the video:

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