A heartwarming scene. Tired boy and a cow taking a nap together after kettle show went viral


A boy whose name is Mitchell Miner is 15 years old. He has a best friend which is a cow. The cow is named Audri.

They both participated in the Dairy Fair. They worked very hard and got tired. They did everything possible and got 5 from seven.

The father of the boy came and saw a sweet scene. He captured the scene. The cow and the boy were napping side by side.

The father downloaded the photo and it went viral and gained 15,000 likes. The father wrote that his son and the heifer after showing.

The family is fond of animals. They had a farm where they had many animals. Now they borrow animals every summer.

They want to install special feeling and values towards animals.The cow will be returned back to the dairy farm as the dairy kettle showings finish in September.

Here is the video:

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